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Charles Hopgood | Langston | '15

Welcome to the MDIB Yard Charles Hopgood!

Reppin': Langston University

Grad: 2015

Major: Business

Occupation: CEO Infinity Financial Consultants LLC/Credit Restoration/Coaching, Consultation

Can you briefly walk us through your HBCU story? How it started, how you got there, and how it helped you get to where you are today.

I came to Langston University on a tuition fee waiver scholarship. Dr. Earnest Holloway made this possible. If it were not for Langston I wouldn’t be here maybe not even living in this world! It truly has been the Hallmark of my life!

How did your HBCU shape you and impact your understanding of Black Culture?

It taught me how to live and be resourceful. It taught me brotherhood by way of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc Beta Kappa (The Mother chapter Of Oklahoma)

Before we go any further, let's have a brag session! Tell us about your HBCU(s). What are y'all known for? What are the most exciting things about the yard?

Langston University has raised some of the most influential people on the planet! Henry Ponder (past President of Fisk University, Jennifer Hudson, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, and Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, just to make a few! It’s a place where if you can make it there you can make it anywhere!

What do you say to people who believe HBCUs are not as good as Predominantly White Institutions (PWI)?

An HBCU education is anchored in faith. It’s the epitome of a melting pot of different attitudes, dreams, and backgrounds. An HBCU just loves and treats you differently. I’m HBCU built and I honestly believe I would not have accomplished all I have if it were not for an HBCU


Tell us what you wish everyone in the world knew about the HBCU experience.

The Black Greek Experience, Homecoming, the dedication of the staff, and their commitment to making each and every student ALL COLORS AND RACES better and prepared to take on the world!

Tell us about your most memorable HBCU experiences. (Yes we in yo business, tell us about all of 'em!)

Fall of 1991 Jodeci came to Langston and gave us a concert for the ages! Alpha Phi Alpha Black And Gold Weekend, EVERY homecoming it was an incredible experience.

Was it like Hillman on "A Different World"?

Langston was more like School Daze! The later years resembled Hillman

As any alumni will tell you, HBCUs are nurturing environments. What person(s) during your HBCU experience deserves some flowers and recognition?

My HBCU angels are: James Wallace, Lester Lesure, Dr. Earnest L Holloway, and Spike Ashley. These men gave me the tough love that at the time I truly needed and I look upward at times and thank them every time I have any adversity.

How are you using what you learned from them in your everyday life?

Being a servant in my community by helping others understand financial literacy and how to give back to become pillars in their communities as well. I also mentor within my fraternity, teaching manhood, responsibility, and brotherhood.

Thank you for showing us Your Yard and telling us Your Experience. Before you go, tell us, what do you imagine for the future of HBCUs?

I imagine that more people will catch our wave and allow are alums more lineage within the fabric of the world! Kamala Harris gave them a taste of what an HBCU graduate cab do when allowed a seat at the table, so I’m hoping we’re allowed more invitations to the supper.

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