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Jhory "JoJo" Buskey | Dillard University | '13

Welcome to the MDIB Yard Dr. Jhory Buskey!

Reppin': Dillard University

Grad: 2013

Major: Theatre Arts, Performance

Occupation: Principal

Can you briefly walk us through your HBCU story? How it started, how you got there, and how it helped you get to where you are today.

My HBCU story actually started in 1995 when I attended my sister’s, Nikita Buskey- Davis, graduation. Although I was only 4, I remember that day like none other. The beauty of the campus, the beauty of BLACK folx, and the pearly white buildings! Fast forward, my senior year of High School came around, I was set on attending Dillard by any means necessary! I was linked up with Whitney Wallace, who was one of the recruiters for the University who placed me in touch with Cortheal Clark and Sherri Marina who afforded me the opportunity to audition for Denzel Washington and his scholarship committee to obtain a full scholarship to major in Theatre Arts! Man what a ride that was! Fast forward, from enduring sleepless days and nights as a Theatre major to pledging Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., to the many friendships and connections I made, have afforded me to never stop giving up my dream to educate folx of color and do what’s in my means to give access to a greater future for generations to follow!

How did your HBCU shape you and impact your understanding of Black Culture?

My HBCU shaped my mind and outlook on BLACK Culture to know that we are as strong as our connections and supportive actions for one another! I became BLACKITY-BLACK more than I already was after my experience in Dr. Bettye Parker-Smith’s African World Studies class, which changed my life forever!

Before we go any further, let's have a brag session! Tell us about your HBCU(s). What are y'all known for? What are the most exciting things about the yard?

THEE DILLARD (DILL-ARD inside joke) is known for its true “A Different World” aesthetics, small student population, student-professor mentorship, nursing, theatre, political science, and pre-law programs! On top of all that, the food, embedded, rich culture of New Orleans, The Avenue of the Oaks, Kearny hall, Greek Flag Pole Days, gleaming white buildings, and spacious green architectural landscape! I will forever love that place!

What do you say to people who believe HBCUs are not as good as Predominantly White Institutions (PWI)?

Very simple, TRY IT! Your life will never be the same and I don’t know one graduate from an HBCU who doesn’t have the same opportunity struggles as those of students, especially BLACK STUDENTS, who attended PWIs!


Tell us what you wish everyone in the world knew about the HBCU experience.

There’s a deep connection, love, and sense of pride that comes with being BLACK and an Alum of an HBCU! They were built on the backs of Black folx who believed in the advancement of THEIR people! At some point in your educational career, as a Black person, you should experience an HBCU education!

Tell us about your most memorable HBCU experiences. (Yes we in yo business, tell us about all of 'em!)

I believe my most memorable memory was doing a lip sync performance of Andre 3000's “Hey Ya” with some of my Theatre bros for Collegiate 100’s “Fake the Funk” and of course I was Andre! Shoutout to my C100 bros and my DUT bros De’Shawn, Darren, and Kevin!

Was it like Hillman on "A Different World"?

Very much so!

As any alumni will tell you, HBCUs are nurturing environments. What person(s) during your HBCU experience deserves some flowers and recognition?

Cortheal Clark, Whitney Wallace, Sherri Marina (RIH), Dr. Bettye Park-Smith, Dr. Alan Colon, Chris Stewart, and countless others!

How are you using what you learned from them in your everyday life?

I operate my life on the principles of discipline, determination, and advocacy in my daily life both at work and in my personal life.

Thank you for showing us Your Yard and telling us Your Experience. Before you go, tell us, what do you imagine for the future of HBCUs?

For the future of HBCUs, I imagine more master and doctoral programs that are geared toward the amazing creativity of our people! There are so many degree fields that HBCUs should be offering for our people to have access to without having to go to a PWI, they just need to make them happen!

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