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Matthew Reeds | Morgan State University | '17

Welcome to the MDIB Yard Matthew Reeds!

Reppin': Morgan State University

Grad: 2017

Major: Information Science and Systems

Occupation: Executive Director, Reeds Fund & MBA Candidate, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Can you briefly walk us through your HBCU story? How it started, how you got there, and how it helped you get to where you are today.

I was part of an SAT program where I saw successful people come out of Morgan State University, and that factored into my decision in going.

How did your HBCU shape you and impact your understanding of Black Culture?

I was able to connect with successful Black people from every corner of the US who have gone on to do wonderful things.

Before we go any further, let's have a brag session! Tell us about your HBCU(s). What are y'all known for? What are the most exciting things about the yard?

Morgan State is a National Treasure!

What do you say to people who believe HBCUs are not as good as Predominantly White Institutions (PWI)?

That is just false!


Tell us what you wish everyone in the world knew about the HBCU experience.

HBCUs cultivate black excellence in every arena. It helped mold me into the man I am today.

Tell us about your most memorable HBCU experiences. (Yes we in yo business, tell us about all of 'em!)

I have had so many memorable HBCU experiences!

Was it like Hillman on "A Different World"?


As any alumni will tell you, HBCUs are nurturing environments. What person(s) during your HBCU experience deserves some flowers and recognition?

Dr. Karen Proudford

How are you using what you learned from them in your everyday life?

Continuing to form relationships, and learning to grow.

Thank you for showing us Your Yard and telling us Your Experience. Before you go, tell us, what do you imagine for the future of HBCUs?

I imagine HBCUs leading in research, and innovation, and continuing a legacy of excellence.

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